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Comfort vs Style
December 31, 2018

I love shoes…all kinds of them.  From sky high to straight up sneakers.  After having my daughter I find myself not wearing those super high heels!  I do use those for special occasions.
But when I’m working my pop-up shop events I found that comfort supersedes sexy.  I wear so many cute outfits to represent my brand and sometimes those outfits aren’t as cute with flats.  The alternative would be cute high heels but hours of standing don’t sound that appealing. 
Thankfully I found a 2.5 inch heel that has a little bit of height but the comfort of a flat.  I wear these shoes for hours and don’t have any issues.  I share this insight with you because maybe you need options that are cute and comfy for your day-to-day routine.  I pair these shoes with my black trousers or event with my high waist jeans. 
I found these cute shoes at Target and I got them in 3 colors…not at the same time.  Haha!  You should check them out and let me know your thoughts.  It’s always good to have a pair of cute shoes that are comfortable too!  Do you have any favorites that you could wear for hours?  Let a shoe lover know!!!
Stay smart and stylish,
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