Obsessed with Stylish Business Attire

Nicole Cosentino

Hello!  I’m Nicole and I’m the founder of Downtown Chic and I hope you enjoy my blog.  I absolutely love dressing up for work!  People think that business attire means boring, outdated clothes and that’s not the case.  I believe you could be stylish at work while being professional and polished at the same time.  I have worked in several major cities and different industries which all have taught me that you must create a wardrobe that’s chic and versatile.  Your clothes should be able to be functional enough to keep up with a busy and unpredictable schedule.

I have always loved fashion but I’m completely obsessed with business attire.  When it comes to putting together an outfit for work that is trendy and professional I realized that it came natural to me.  So much so that the VP of Human Resources from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino asked me to create a presentation on how to dress for work.  What people don’t realize is that you can look polished while on a budget.  You just have to know how to combine your pieces. 

I’ve worked in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami and one thing I found holds true in all these cities, your clothes needs to be versatile.  Depending on the industry you work some companies require you to go to networking events at moments notice.  I found that you should always dress up for work everyday and keep extra accessories in your office or car.

Most of these events were lots of fun because they had the happy hour atmosphere.  However, you still had to look professional but you could be a little more relaxed with your clothes.  I found ways to wear my business attire for work and when it came to these networking events I had made several different adjustments by simply removing my blazer and changing my purse.  It gave me a more relaxed look yet still professional.  By changing my bag from a large one to a small one it allowed me to meet people easily and of course allowed me to hold my drink.

I would always carry extra business cards in my car so that when I would change bags I always made sure I had enough cards for networking. I hope these tips help you and remember that you can look good without having to break the bank. 

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