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Embracing the New ME
July 31, 2019

This summer was extra special for me because I kept my 3-year-old daughter home with me instead of putting her in camp.  We had such an amazing time together and it gave me the opportunity to really stop and reflect on who I am. 


I thought a lot about authenticity and found my daughter to be a true inspiration.  After my daughter was born, my life changed on so many levels.  The changes were all a blessing but on that same note it was also challenging.  I was having identity issues and just didn’t know who I was anymore.  I no longer worked in the corporate environment and my schedule was so different and so were my day to day activities. 


I started doing research for my online business that first year Camila was born.  One month after Camila turned one, I finally launched my website.   So many new and exciting moments yet I still didn’t know who I was.  I never put myself out there much when it came to my brand.  I worked with influencers and models when it came to showing images of my brand.  I didn’t know who I was and I was so afraid to share to the world that I was a mom running a business for women who worked even though I stopped working.  It was a strange feeling because I was afraid that maybe women wouldn’t accept me as a mom and an entrepreneur so I didn’t put that out there as much. 


I had taken a confidence course that really helped me embrace who I am.  That was exactly what I needed to tell the world that my brand was run by me.  It was a great feeling.  As the summer progressed, I asked myself, what do I love to do?  The answer was simple.  I loved being a mom and loved having my own business!  The title, mompreneur started to resonate with me more and more each day.  I really felt like that title was exactly what I needed to find in order to label me.  We really don’t need labels to define us but I needed direction.  I needed a tribe of women who knew exactly was I was going through.  That understood my schedule, my hustle and my motivation.  I started to attract other women who were in the same realm.  It was so great!


I learned that we go through so many changes but if we can take a pause and really connect with our authentic self, your perspective changes.  I know that my brand may not be for everyone and I don’t take that personally.  I learned to really embrace this  version of me during this new season in my life.  I encourage you to do the same…simply ask yourself what is it that you love doing and embrace that all the way.  Don’t listen to that voice of insecurity.  If you are a new mom or are entering a new season in life, tell me about it!  How are you doing with the transition?  Comment below. 


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