Healthy Morning Rituals

Nicole Cosentino

I recently was a part of a confidence academy with Tamaya Rodriquez.  I wanted to take an online course that helped me learn new ways to cultivate my confidence and feminine energy.  I learned a lot about myself and new ways to start my day.
Many people have morning rituals without even knowing that they do.  Some are intentional and others just happen.  I never had a morning ritual and never understood the importance of having one until I tried this course. 
Tamaya talked about starting your day with a glass of water and a short guided meditation.  Then she spoke about writing in your journal for a few minutes.  It's a great way for you to write about things you are thankful for and even helps you take some of the worries you might have in your mind.  Putting your thoughts on paper help you clear your mind allowing room for creativity and being present. 
She also encouraged us to create a list of affirmations.  This list was great  because it allows you to embrace things about yourself end empowers you to believe those words.  Imagine starting your day with beautiful words that help you feel great.  Try reading your list of affirmations to yourself in the mirror.  

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