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Nicole Cosentino

As a modern day woman, like many, I wear several hats and have a lot on my plate.  I’m on entrepreneur constantly working hard to push my business forward.  Plus, I’m a wife, I manage my home and have a toddler.  Despite the fact that there are only 24 hours in the day, I manage to get it all done. 

I collaborate with many other business women who wear multiple hats like me and I noticed myself sharing tips that helped them feel more organized.  It got me thinking that there might me more women out there who could learn new ways to organize themselves.  I’ll lay out a few tips in hopes that it can help you feel more organized.

First, I’ll start by stating that I love to leverage technology but I also love to write things down.  I’ll list several different categories of your life with some quick ideas on how I stay organized.

Managing your home. 

There are always so many things to get done at home aside from everything else going on. I use the app and create categories with a to-do list.  I even add projects that I eventually want to get to so I don’t forget.  You can set up reminders or alerts and even share your list with a family member. I highly recommend this app! 

If you are like me, then you probably are in charge of all the shopping for your home. Who has time to remember all the items that need replacing? I create a shopping list on my Notes app and I have a section for every store I shop at. Underneath I will write things that I need so when it comes time to shop I have a running list with what I need from the stores that I shop at. 

One of the most important things is your meals.  In order to eat healthy you really need to plan your meals.  No one has time to figure out what to eat for dinner after a long day.  Spend Sunday night planning your weekly meals and check your calendar for any events so you don’t have to cook that night. 

Meals—plan your meals for the week and then create a grocery list for the things you need.  I have a dry erase frame where I write all my dinners and then I run off to the store.  I learned that if take the time to plan our dinners it becomes less stressful during the week.   

Managing Your Finances.  I created an excel spread sheet that lays out all of our personal expenses.  I created 12 tabs, each representing a month out of the year.  I break down all my monthly expenses by categories and have subtotals and then a grand total at the end.  Examples of categories are home, communications, auto, credit cards, ect.  You have to figure out what yours are and lay them all out.  It helps me understand where we stand financially and of course where I want to go.  I also use apps like to fully understands my spending and set goals there too!  I also like to write in a notebook to balance my bank account when it comes time to pay bills. 

It’s also important to know your debt, income and what financial goals you want to set so that you can achieve them. Use any method that will help you stay on top of your bills and on the path to achieving financial freedom. 

Managing Your Business. This really can apply to anything from your own business or your job.  I always tell my friends who run their own business is to always carry a notebook so they can write down any ideas or task that need to get done.  This helps because many times we have so much going on but other priorities take our focus away.  That’s why if you write it down, at some point it will all get done.  I’m old school and I always use an agenda for all my tasks.  It’s the best way for me to keep track of my priorities.  I found myself writing down a goal and it was something I wanted to do but never had a due date.  As the days or weeks go by the task gets finished without even me noticing.  It’s about setting the intention and letting it happen when the moment presents itself.  Of course things that are urgent will always get done first. I also love using the app that helps me stay on track with any urgent task in the event that I don’t have my agenda or notebook on hand. 

These are just a few ways I organize myself and really help me stay on track.  Everyone is different and it’s always about finding what is best for you.  Use my methods as a form of inspiration.  You might find a way that is better for you.  Or if you like my method, implement it.  Let me know if you try anything or if you want me to share other ways with you! 

Stay smart and stylish!!! #dtcgirlboss



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