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Organize Your Travel Bag
April 30, 2019

I love to travel!  It was been something my parents ingrained into me as a child.  We travel locally, nationally and internationally.  There is something so interesting when you travel anywhere.  The people, the culture, the weather and the food contribute to your overall experience.  I encourage you to incorporate that into your future plans if you don’t already have the travel bug.

During one of my pop-up shop events I discovered a brand that grabbed my attention.  It was called, Mumi Design.  I was very intrigued because it was all about organizing your travel bag with packing cubes.  I had never thought of ever using packing cubes to pack my bag.  However, since I’m the one who packs our bags for every family trip I thought I would try it out. 

One of my favorite parts about the packing cubes is that they had color coded bags for each member of the family.  I have never been so obsessed with a product like this one.  It has made my life so much easier when it comes to packing and unpacking clothes for my family of 3!  I also find that I pack exactly what I need for the trip and the space is perfect.  I used to wait a couple of days to unpack my stuff after a trip but what these packing cubes I found myself unpacking the same day I got home.

The packing cubes with Mumi Design come with 5 cubes.  It comes with 2 smaller ones bags for your undergarments or anything small.  2 Medium and 1 large packing cube.  I like to organize my clothes by category and pack them accordingly but the packing options are endless.  You really maximize your space and when you arrive to your destination, you can easily find your clothes without making a mess.I loved this product so much that I bought my 4 parents packing cubes of their own.  Colored of course.  And as if that wasn’t enough I also bought my brother and his wife one too!  They all can’t live without this product and absolutely love it. 

You should try it out and see how you travel bag will be so much more organized.  How do you organize your luggage?  Share with me! 

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