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Pop-Up Shop Tips
February 28, 2019

My business is primarily online however I do partake in several pop-up shops in Miami.  I enjoy meeting people and showcasing my clothing to new customers in different areas.  I especially love when clients allow me to style them with my clothes.  It’s my favorite part of the process and I love to see how happy they get.

I want to share a few tips on how to have a successful pop-up event.  It’s important that your set up be branded and that it showcases your merchandise in the best way possible.  One important lesson I learned is to understand who is going to the event, the location and what price points you will have.  Not every event is the same which is why understanding who goes will allow you to bring the correct products at the right price.  As business owners, we get so excited and want to bring everything we own.  Pop-up shops allow you to showcase a limited taste of what you have to offer in a small space.  This is why it is important to bring the right amount of products.  You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with so much stuff or make it hard to browse through your clothing racks or table with merchandise.  You want things to be easy and create a pleasant experience for prospective customers.

Let’s talk about customer service. I learned that it is important to provide excellent customer service and understand what kind of shopper you encounter.  Some customers know what they want and if they see it, they will buy it.  Others need assistance putting things together and enjoy people sharing products with them.  Then you have those who browse and if they have questions, they let you know on their time.  You have to understand the vibe of each potential customer so you don’t scare them away.  I am also against vendors having a chair unless it’s absolutely necessary.

As an avid shopper, I can’t stand when sales people are on the phone while they sit and the moment they see you come they jump up and follow you around to make a sale.  It’s so uncomfortable and 9 times out 10 they end up leaving without buying anything.  It’s always good to greet your potential customers and share any special promotions you might have and let them know that if they have any questions you will be happy to help.  Always engage a potential customer with respect and it’s ok to share the excitement of your products with them.  Just make sure you gage their response and adjust if need be. 

Be sure to pass out cards to all customers and potential customers so they know where to find you.  One final tip—always dress to impress.  Especially if you sell clothes—wear what you sell and make sure you are always put together.  People love doing business with people that look successful.  Make sure you are well groomed.  Remember that you represent your business and you are the image of your brand.  You want people to trust you and become a loyal client. 
Stay smart and stylish,


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